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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


If I hear one more person say that President Obama is doing good things for our country, I might have to hit them over the head with a BIG dose of reality.  Here's a list of things that our President has done and is doing since taking office.  Which one of these things do you consider "good"?

According to an October 18, 2010 article posted at, our national debt has increased more than three trillion dollars since Obama took office.  To put that in perspective, our national debt increased 4.9 trillion during President's Bush's two terms in office.  Our national debt is projected to soar to nearly 16.5 trillion in 2012, during Obama's fourth year in office.  But he's not worried, he's probably planning his next vacation about now.

In his own words, Obama proposed a "sweeping overhaul of the financial regulatory system."  He could have said, "down with capitalism" and saved himself the extra words.  What exactly is wrong with the way the system has been running?  Why do we need a sweeping overhaul?  Why do we need 32 self-appointed presidential czars who don't have to answer to Congress but answer only to the president?  Why do we need this assault on private enterprise?  Why trample, penalize, micromanage and destroy American businesses?  Major automakers are failing and being taken over.  Banks are failing and being taken over by government. Small businesses are being burdened with government rules, regulations, and more paperwork than ever before.  It's as if the government is trying to frustrate business owners to the point where they give up.  Government is getting bigger and putting its nose in places it doesn't belong.  Government intervention is leading us down a path to socialism.  Government-run health care and a government-managed food supply is what Obama wants.  700 billion to bail out Wall Street.  787 billion to boost the economy.  All this government spending runs counter to the intended role of government, which is to set up a framework for the individual to prosper, succeed, and create jobs and wealth.   Our government was designed  to allow individuals to make their own choices about health care and food by encouraging a private sector of free enterprise marketing.  I suggest that the next czar you appoint, Mr President, is a US constitution czar.  Someone needs to bring your policies in line with what the framers of our constitution had in mind.  This aint it!

President Obama proclaimed that "America is no longer a Christian nation."  Yet 80% of Americans still believe in the resurrection of Christ. According to an Aug. 24, 2010 article posted on the Sons of Liberty website, when Obama gave a speech in Egypt, he said, "You might say that America is a Muslim nation."   Obama is the only president to skip the National Day of Prayer events during his first year in office.  But he did attend an event in the white house to celebrate Ramadan, a Muslim holiday.  No surprise there.  Obama opposes the use of the Holy Bible for congressional swearing in ceremonies.  When he spoke at Georgetown University, he insisted that a monogram symbolizing Jesus name be covered up.  Obama believes gay rights are more important than religious liberty.  If there's a clash between the homosexual agenda and religious liberty, our religious freedoms will lose according to Obama's FEOC nominee, Chai Feldblum.  And Obama has appointed a Christian-hater as the liaison to religious groups-- Harry Knox has bashed Christians in speeches before gay rights groups and has publicly attacked the Pope.

Obama refuses to defend our constitutionally protected religious freedom and has appointed people whose views on religious freedom are contrary to our constitution.  He denies our Judeo-Christian heritage and sides with Muslims.  There is no surer way to destroy America than to destroy its heritage.

I'll continue this list tomorrow.  The list is far too long to tackle in one day.  See you then.


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