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Friday, December 3, 2010


"Change" was what we were promised.  Change is what we're getting.  But change isn't always good.  Do good things happen when Big Brother creeps into every area of our lives?  My hubby found a tracking device in a box of thumb tacks last night.  These radio frequency chips are placed in the products we buy so they can be tracked.  Sometimes the chips are the size of a pinhead.  They're placed on just about everything we bring home, from clothes to food.

Thirty years ago, my high school English class read the book 1984.  That book seemed so strange to me in 1979.  Me and my classmates joked about the bizarre sci-fi storyline.  "Big Brother is watching you," we'd chant in a spooky tone.  In the story, Big Brother was big government ruling over people who were under constant surveillance.  Citizens were being watched, monitored, and regulated around the clock.  That story doesn't sound so far-fetched today.  Big Brother has its nose in everything we do and now it's not just watching us, it's touching us.

You've heard about the invasive pat downs at airports.  You can either get bathed in radiation or get groped by a TSA worker.  I think I'd opt for the pat down because I don't trust the amount of radiation those machines throw at me.  Mike Adams at posted an article today titled: Radiation Scientists Agree TSA Naked Body Scanners Cause Breast Cancer and Sperm Mutations. So the pat down would be the lesser of two evils.  But I would insist on clean gloves because the TSA employees who conduct the pat downs and strip searches at our nations airports don't change their gloves.  The gloves are for their protection, not ours.  People are being searched with dirty gloves that have been in crotches, armpits, touching people with illnesses.  I'm sure those gloves have been responsible for the transmission of all kinds of communicable and contagious afflictions.

And who are these people that are touching us in personal places?  Did you know that child pornography and sexual battery is not included in the list of offenses that would disqualify an applicant seeking TSA employment?  Only a conviction of murder, assault, intent to murder, rape or aggravated sexual assault within the last ten years will disqualify an applicant.  Why would The TSA consider anyone for employment who's been convicted of such felonies?  Regardless of when they were convicted?

The ACLJ is calling on the Department of Homeland Security to implement passenger profiling that will target the real terrorists and end the intrusive and humiliating search techniques being forced on innocent children and grandparents at airports.  The TSA needs to adopt a sound, effective security strategy like the one Israel has in place.  In Israel, only those most likely to be terrorists are targeted for questioning at airports.  The emphasis is put on gathering intelligence and data about passengers.  There's no radiation and no groping involved.  Instead the travel history and background of air travelers is examined and that information is used to highlight the most likely suspects.  Doesn't that make more sense?  You can sign the petition to target the terrorists and end the intrusive one-fits-all approach at our nations airports.  Just click on the ACLJ link at the right side of my blog.

Another example of Big Brother overstepping its boundaries is the Food Safety Modernization Act.  This will create an even larger government bureacracy as it gives the FDA more authority to regulate farmers.  I'm not a fan of the FDA because I experienced the suffering that results from its greed and incompetent decisions.  The FDA fails to do the job it's already been given because it does not require truthful labeling of all genetically modified foods. My guess is the FDA is paid off by Monsanto, the maker of GMO's.  Monsanto wants to keep you in the dark about the mad science experiments they're conducting on the food you buy and eat.  It does sound crazy.  But do your own research if you doubt it.

The FDA is supposed to be concerned about a safe food supply, yet they don't think it's important to tell us that the GM tomatoes we buy are cross-bred with arctic flounder and GM seeds contain their own pesticides. And what about all the drugs that have been approved by the FDA that were later discovered to cause permanent neurological damage or death. You can't get through a television show without seeing an ad from a law office that wants to represent people damaged by these FDA-approved drugs.  Even FDA-approved vaccines, which are supposed to prevent illness, have been linked to many deaths.  She got the Gardasil vaccine and then she was gone.  Yeah, the FDA knows what's best for us. Three cheers for the FDA!

The Food Safety Modernization Act calls for FDA regulation of how farmers grow, harvest and produce.  It will most likely discriminate against small organic and diversified farms.  Small local farmers will be subject to the same broad federal regulatory oversight that applies to the large industrial food system.  These increased regulations and the additional paperwork and record-keeping obligations could destroy small businesses that bring food to local communities.  Buying fresh, local food at farmers markets could become a thing of the past.  More change.

I could spend the rest of the day writing about the change that we were promised.  Change in our schools, change in our military, change in presidential patriotism, protocol and traditions.  Change. Change. Change.   You can almost feel it--sweeping changes coming to Congress and America--a new wave--a critical new beginning.  The promise sounded hopeful, but we forgot one thing.  Change isn't always good.

Support the ACLJ.  They're fighting for life, liberty and everything good.

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