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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


"You can almost feel it--sweeping changes coming to Congress and America--a new wave--a critical new beginning."

Those are the words of Jay Sekulow, Chief Council of the ACLJ.  That sentence was the inspiration for today's blog entry.  I feel exactly what he's describing.  Things are changing rapidly in America.  Our government is over-stepping its boundaries and the American Center for Law and Justice is hard at work trying to preserve our freedoms and the way of life we want to maintain.

Someone said recently, "What can we do?"  As a Christian she feels powerless to stop the unwanted changes.  One thing she can do is support the ACLJ, either financially or in her prayers.  If she voted during the last election, then she DID something that I believe God expects every Christian to do.  If she writes or calls her senators or representatives about issues that concern her, then she has DONE something else.  If she speaks out about ungodly actions or policies, then she DID something.  If she volunteers for causes that promote the preservation of biblical truth then she is DOING something. There are many things we can do.  And anyone with a mind can pray for our nation, our leaders, the making of godly laws and the morality of people. 

We are not powerless.  If we pray and ask God where He wants us to focus our time and attention, He will give us a cause to support.  I said that very prayer, and I was assigned the battle for the unborn.  I'm now a board member at a local crisis pregnancy center and I'm being trained to mentor young girls who find themselves pregnant and  in need of a support system that will help them to keep their babies.  I tell you this only to prove that God answers prayer.  The invitation to be part of this organization came to me, I didn't go looking for it.  God brought it to me through my prayer.

We can't do something about everything.  We can't get involved in healing every one of America's ills and we can't always be on the front line of the battle.  But we can support other organizations that are fighting the battles for us   The ACLJ is one such organization and we should be aware of what they are doing on our behalf to see justice prevail on multiple fronts, both here in the US and abroad.

Right now a vile, nationwide effort to shut down pro-life pregnancy centers is being pursued by pro-abortion legislators.  If the New York City council gets its way with a troublesome new law, pro-life centers will be closed.  This will affect the entire country as pro-life pregnancy centers will become ineffective while abortion-performing Planned Parenthood clinics will thrive.  The ACLJ is representing pro-life pregnancy centers throughout NYC, trying to stop this pro-abortion campaign.  Please pray that their efforts will triumph.

Also on the ACLJ's table is the most incredible government power grab in history.  "ObamaCare is a government takeover," says Jay Sekulow. "It's unconstitutional, it's incredibly expensive, it fails the American people in many ways, and it was essentially forced upon us.  It must go."  The ACLJ has filed a lawsuit against the federal government in an attempt to repeal ObamaCare, which will seize taxpayer dollars to fund abortions and appoint rationing panels that will decide how your illness will be treated and how long you can receive care.  It's government control in its sickest form--deciding who lives and who dies.  You can sign the petition to repeal ObamaCare on the official ACLJ website, which I have listed under World Events and Prophecy on the right side of my blog.  You can also pray that ObamaCare will be repealed.

The ACLJ is also fighting for the right of the American people to defend their borders since the federal government has repeatedly failed to do so.  The ACLJ has filed in three illegal immigration cases, one at the supreme court of the United States.  It's backing the state of Arizona in its effort to protect and defend its borders.  If states are not permitted to enforce immigration laws and the federal government continues to fail in doing its job, our national security will continue to be at risk.  Please pray for victory for the ACLJ on this.

The ACLJ is standing up for our constitution, which is repeatedly under attack.  One attack that should be of great concern to Americans is the push for Islamic Sharia Law in US courts.  Sharia law is a horrendous way of life that cannot take root in this country.  Yet we see many signs that suggest it already has.  The Council on American Islamic Relations, an organization with ties to terrorism, claims that barring implementation of Sharia law in the US violates the constitutional rights of Muslims.

Once again we have people coming to this country and then crying that they can't live according to the laws and religions of their own culture.  And I just want to scream, "Then go back to where you came from!"  United States courts do not and will not answer to international law.  Muslims take this personally, as if we are picking on them specifically.  Why don't they understand that US courts do not apply the law of other nations or cultures, regardless of what faith they may be.

Oklahoma voters saw this coming and have approved an amendment to their state constitution, affirming that courts should rely only on federal and state law when deciding cases.  The amendment forbids the use of international law, specifically Islamic Sharia law.  I say specifically because that group specifically is challenging our constitution.  They are the ones who are oppressing our way of life.  And if they want to live in violation of the US constitution then they should get on a boat or a plane and go find a place that accomodates their tears.

I think I'll continue this tomorrow.  I need some time to cool down.  Treadmill,  here I come.  See you all tomorrow.

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