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Monday, December 27, 2010


"Sacrifice is something that many Americans are becoming all too familiar with during the economic downturn.  It was a key theme in President Obama's inaugural address to the nation and he's referenced it numerous times when lecturing the country on how to get back on its feet".

The above quote by Andrea Tantaros was taken from an article in the NY Daily News titled, Material Girl Michelle Obama is a Modern Day Marie Antoinette on a Glitzy Spanish Vacation.  This article captured my attention while surfing the net today because I recently said in one of my blogs that President Obama isn't worried about running up our national debt. "He's probably planning his next vacation about now," I said.

A few days after writing that, I learned that the Obama's have been planning a two-week Christmas vacation in Hawaii since September.  The four-day Spanish vacation taken by Michelle and daughter Sasha happened earlier this year and according to The Telegraph it cost about $375,000.  Their Christmas vacation will probably cost at least twice that much and because of Michelle Obama's inability to make a small sacrifice, $63,000 in additional expenses will be tacked on to the grand total.

You see, she couldn't wait for her delayed husband, who decided to stay in Washington until Congress finished its work for the year.  She decided that she must leave for her Hawaiian vacation on the exact day it was scheduled.  The impatient Michelle flew to Hawaii with her daughters and the dog, requiring two plane trips instead of one and an extra $63,000 in travel expenses.  The president joined them several days later.

Sacrifice?  Don't lecture us about sacrifice when you know nothing about it yourself.  What real sacrifice have you made lately, Michelle?  Your ungrateful actions are like a slap in the face to those who are really struggling in today's economy.  I think what you need is a visit from the Ghost of Lifestyles Past.  Just one visit to a mother's home during the Great Depression.would teach you about sacrifice.

"Some of the women faced such economic hardship during that time that they actually had to live with their families not in houses, but in chicken coups.  Many families even used newspaper to line their walls to keep the cold out and their children learned to read from the newspaper that covered the cracks in the walls... 

One woman  who did not have enough money to buy food had wanted to plant a garden, but being too poor to afford to buy any seed that year--her garden was sadly empty and only wild weeds sprang forth.  That did not daunt this woman who knew she had a family to feed.  Instead she gathered up those weeds and diligently began to can them.  YES, I said CAN them for the winter....

There was even one account of a mother who was so poor and was given a bag of chocolate chips.  She would make cookies and only put one chocolate chip in each cookie.  She made that bag last for months."

The above true accounts of life during the Great Depression was taken from an article titled, Courageous Mothers Who Cared For Their Families by June Fuentes.

When I think of great strong mothers who are worthy of admiration, I don't think of mothers who are self-indulgent, careless and wasteful or mothers who live in luxury while others ration chocolate chips.  I don't think of mothers who carelessly spend on designer clothes while poorer mothers make their children's clothes from potato or flour sacks.  Mothers who are truly worthy of our admiration and applause are those who know what it is to sacrifice.

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