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Sunday, January 2, 2011


A few blogs ago, I gave you some examples of things our president has done and is doing to bring our country down.  You can read, A Big Dose of Reality by clicking on the Political Talk category on the right side of my page.  What inspired me to write that was a comment made by a teacher to her students about how President Obama is "doing good things for our country."
I'm not sure what examples she can give of these "good things," but I already gave three examples to refute her claim:
1. Our President is running up our federal debt
2. He's ushering in socialism
3. He's destroying our Christian culture

Today I'd like to continue my list by talking about Obama's Cap and Trade environmental policy and his  desire to spread the wealth around in the name of economic justice, which would fall under the socialism topic I already listed.

First of all, I believe this global warming theory is something that the elite have created in order to accomplish their own goals and objectives.  It's a theory that has made Al Gore rich and it's a deceitful way of preparing us for more governmental policies and decisions.  For example, President Obama can introduce Cap and Trade taxes and then say he's doing it for the sake of preventing global warming.  We're supposed to believe that he's doing a good thing.  Yet there's more scientific proof against global warming than there is to support it.  Watch the two videos I posted at the bottom of this blog entry.  Grant Jeffrey offers a very convincing argument against global warming.  (Update:  the videos I posted on global warming have been terminated).

 The only thing Cap and Trade will accomplish is more revenue for the US government and higher energy costs for consumers.  Under Cap and Trade, industrial companies will have to purchase an allowance that permits them to emit carbon dioxide.  Obama wants to impose a cap on total carbon dioxide emissions throughout the economy.  This new tax will generate 65 billion dollars a year for current industrial activity.

During an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle on January 17, 2008, Obama said, "Under my plan of a Cap and Trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket."  Skyrocket because utilities, especially coal, would have to pay an enormous price up front while looking for ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  Those costs will have to be passed on to consumers. According to Energy Analyst Margo Thorning, that means an extra $700 to $1400 per family, per year starting around 2012.  Chalk one up for the good guys, Thanks Obama.

Along with upping our electric bill, Obama wants to take the money you earn and spread it around to create a more economically just society.  In other words, He wants you to pick up the tab for those who live at poverty level.  We knew this was coming back in 2001 when Obama, then an Illinois state senator, was interviewed on Chicago Public Radio WBEZ FM.  He talked about the civil rights movement and suggested it was a tragedy that the constitution wasn't radically reinterpreted to force redistribution of wealth for African Americans.

Fox News later captured Obama tooting the same horn in Toledo Ohio when he answered a question from a self-employed plumber named Joe.  "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody," Obama replied.

Sorry, but socialism isn't good for everybody, and I'll tell you why.  Socialism goes against human nature.  People have a strong desire to do whatever is best for their own self interest.  Social programs take away people's incentive to work and act responsibly.  Why have a work ethic?  Why be productive on the job?  Why be financially responsible?  And why take your family obligations seriously when someone else is picking up the tab?

Who will have the drive or desire to start businesses or invent new products and ideas knowing that the material rewards for that hard work will be stolen and spread around to others?  It's kind of like tossing tips into one jar and then dividing them equally at the end of the day.  I remember my waitressing days.  And I remember how I hated the not-so-bright idea of sharing tips.  As long as those tips were mine, I worked hard to provide good service to my customers.  But when I saw that my tips were being tossed into a pot and then divided out to other waitresses who in my opinion weren't doing any more than an average job, then I didn't feel so enthusiastic about providing a good service.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are driven by the potential for material rewards.  Take away the rewards, and you take away the drive and desire to start businesses, invent products, and provide good service to customers.  Socialist methods also create hurdles for businesses through higher taxes and more government regulations.  A more powerful, meddling government is the dark shadow behind socialism.  That dark shadow is a powerful tool for the wealthy and anyone with political connections to take advantage of the rest of society.

"Socialism is a way for the rich to shut the door behind them, preventing those who are on their way up from reaching their destination."  That quote comes from Socialism Doesn't Work.  I paraphrased some of the comments on that site to make my points about socialism in this blog.  You can read more at this address:

The bottom line is this: The only people who benefit in a socialist society are the rich and politically connected.  That's why the rich and politically connected want to spread the wealth around and destroy capitalism.  And if you, as an average middle class person, really think that you're going to benefit from socialism, then you should consider this:  After subtracting all the extra taxes and economic costs that you will bare for your government entitlements, you will be no further ahead.  You see, the government can't raise enough revenue to cover the spending brought on by socialist policies just from taxing the rich.  You as a middle class worker will have to contribute to the social programs too.

Higher utility bills and spreading your wealth around to others.  Are these good things?  Hmmmm.  Let's ponder a while, and the next time you hear someone say our president is doing good things for our country, be sure to ask for examples and get back to me.

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