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Thursday, July 3, 2014

What are YOU doing for freedom? -

Today, many of our cities stand on the verge of collapse. In
Detroit, nearly half the citizens cannot afford running water. (1) In
New York, 1 in 6 families faces starvation. (2) The collapse of America
into third-world conditions is happening so rapidly and unexpectedly
that the United Nations may soon be called in to "rescue" city-dwellers.
(3) Since 2001, America has suffered a loss of 56,000 manufacturing
facilities (4), and southern towns are now being literally overrun by
such a huge wave of undocumented immigrants that the Department of
Homeland Security has declared a Level Four Alert. (5)

California is experiencing a mass exodus as the burden of failed
government policies and outrageous taxation drives families and
businesses into bankruptcy. Illinois and Michigan have become
bureaucratic nightmares of corruption and executive brutality against
the citizens, and the mass militarization of local police is turning America's streets into literal war zones, where no citizen is safe.

This Independence Day, the Health Ranger asks: What are YOU doing for freedom? -

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