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God created oils from plants that have potent medicinal properties. Many of us ignore these natural gifts and reach for man-made remedies. I'm on a mission to honor the physical, emotional and spiritual healing that's possible through the power of nature.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Tomorrow is the first of May. I recently watched a movie on Roku with that title. It was about a lonely boy and an old woman who run away together and join the circus. The term "First of May" is an old carnival term used to describe a novice performer (clown) in his first season on a circus show. I guess May was a popular month to join the circus.

If I wanted to join the circus, I wouldn't have to run away. There's plenty of circus right here. We have a few clowns in our family. My husband was voted class clown in high school. And my daughter recently received the same title from her eighth grade classmates. I can be humorous at times too. Clever comebacks are my favorite way to be funny. 

My husband walks around the house making strange sounds. He'll jump in front of me and pull the elastic waistband of his sweat pants up to his chest. Then he'll stand there with his arms tight at his side, palms turned up. And he'll say nothing. He'll just stand there with a stupid grin and dazed eyes, looking around the room with a sense of wonder.  He's done this hundreds of times since I've known him and it never stops being funny. 

Just like her dad, my daughter loves to make random goofy faces. You never know when one is coming. It could be at the dinner table while passing the peas or when our eyes first meet in the morning. I don't think she realizes how much I love her goofiness. I got her on video delivering a silly rant about how much she likes boiled eggs. She was probably about seven years old. We don't know what happened to that hilarious footage, but we still talk about it.

My son loves comedy too. He often entertains us with the latest funny videos he found online. He'll put his laptop on the table and share what he came across that cracked him up that week. A few days ago he pulled into our driveway on a racy red motorcycle. He had the matching helmet and jacket to complete the cool look. I peeked out the door to see who this stranger was. When he pulled the helmet off, I said, "What the heck?"  He gave me a sneaky grin and said, "I thought I'd give you one more thing to worry about."

I'm grateful for humor and the people in my life that make me laugh. We take so much for granted. We don't treasure the joy that humor can bring to our mundane daily lives. Not until writing this have I realized how lucky I am to have people around me who appreciate humor and love to make others laugh. To honor the clowns in my life, I'm challenging you to do something funny on the first of May. Make someone laugh. Be a "First of May" for a day.

P.S. The movie was very enjoyable, and if you're wondering about the Roku, here's more info about a great way to save money on TV entertainment.


Schiff says that, despite “phony” signs of an economic recovery, the cancer destroying America stems from a lethal concoction of our $16 trillion federal debt and the Fed’s never ending money printing. 



"Unfortunately, this president’s acts of high handedness and self-absorption have been accumulating in the past several months at a blistering pace." 



"Jay-Z, Beyonce and a whole bunch of other prominent artists are seducing our kids into the occult and they are making the New World Order appear to be hip, trendy and cool.  When our young people use the same symbols or flash the same hand signs as their favorite artists, most of them are not even aware of what they are doing.  But they are slowly being conditioned to accept the values and the belief systems behind those symbols and hand signs." 

Activist Post: What Is TPP? It's the Biggest Global Threat to the Internet Since ACTA

Activist Post: What Is TPP? It's the Biggest Global Threat to the Internet Since ACTA

Obama's Blessing of Planned Parenthood 'Outrageous,' ACLJ Asserts

This is one reason why God has taken his hand of blessing off our nation. Our President can look evil right in the face and say, "God Bless You." And I say, "God help us."

Obama's Blessing of Planned Parenthood 'Outrageous,' ACLJ Asserts


"A person who seeks to teach others how to garden and thereby grow their own food is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a person who seeks to place other people on government food stamps and thereby make them dependent on government for their food is practicing control and is inherently EVIL.

A school that teaches students to think for themselves and engage in critical, skeptical thinking about the world around them is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a school that teaches students blind obedience to institutional authority while denying them the liberty to think for themselves is practicing control and is therefore EVIL.

A person who seeks to help others create their own successful businesses and generate abundant profits for themselves and their employees is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a person who seeks to destroy entrepreneurship, suppress innovation, punish small businesses and burden private sector job creation with onerous taxes and regulation is practicing control and is therefore EVIL.

A person who seeks to teach others how to protect themselves against violent crime through the intelligent, ethical use of weapons for self defense is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a person who seeks to strip away from everyone else their right to self defense, placing them in the position of defenseless victimization, is practicing control and is therefore EVIL.

A city mayor who seeks to teach his constituents the principles of nutrition and food choice so that they might make better decisions about their diet and health is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a city mayor who demands blind obedience to his selective agenda of banning large sodas or other junk food items is practicing control and is therefore EVIL. (Bloomberg, anyone?)"



 The PA House of Representatives, led by Rep. Rick Saccone, designated today as a day of prayer and fasting; the same request President Lincoln made 150 years ago.

"It is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon, and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord."

Sunday, April 28, 2013


"...And after each Allah-crazed attack, the political-media complex rushes to assure us that Islam is "a religion of peace."

I Saw Something, So I’m Saying Something |


Former Congressman and 2012 presidential contender Ron Paul drops in to give us his take on how Congress plans to exploit our fears to take our liberties in the aftermath of the Boston terror attack on April 15. 

Activist Post: UNPRECEDENTED Shortages Of Ammo, Physical Gold And Physical Silver

Activist Post: UNPRECEDENTED Shortages Of Ammo, Physical Gold And Physical Silver

Activist Post: Fukushima's Catastrophic Aftermath Continues

Activist Post: Fukushima's Catastrophic Aftermath Continues

Activist Post: Quick and Clean: 40 Non-Processed Snacks That Meet Your Need For Speed

Activist Post: Quick and Clean: 40 Non-Processed Snacks That Meet Your Need For Speed

Congressman: 'Five Jihadists Have Reached Their Targets in the United States Under Barack Obama'

Congressman: 'Five Jihadists Have Reached Their Targets in the United States Under Barack Obama'


"This is a long read , but I believe this is absolutely true.. I feel and receive the same urgency and download from the Spirit every day myself... for seven years I have been tracking  world events through a Biblical world view, but most people just do not grasp the full scope of the unfolding prophetic events unfolding in plain view with speed every day...
The Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5: concerning the coming of the Lord.... But of the times and seasons brethren, you have no need that I write to you.   He said,  But you brethren , are not in darkness, that that day  (the day of the Lord) should over take you as a thief.  Why  You are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.  So  Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober . Because For God has not appointed us to wrath (His wrath), But to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ...           

Even if just half of what is unfolding comes true.... PRAY ----- PRAY ----- PRAY. 
                                                                         REPENT --- REPENT --- REPENT
                                                                         SEEK ---- SEEK --- SEEK
                                                                          PREPARE ---- PREPARE ---- PREPARE
I understand this information is of a difficult nature... But does that make it any less true......."
- Jim Carvell


By Paul McGuire

(article below)

                      (article below)
Go Into All The World by Paul McGuire
Go Into All The World by Paul McGuire

By Paul McGuire

I wrote the article below entitled, "2013:  A Terrifying Vision for America,"  January 1, 2013 as a prophetic warning to America.  I do not write such articles lightly or for the purpose of sensationalism.  These articles are written after an enormous amounts of research and more importantly, after seeking the face of the Lord.

Four months before 2013, the Lord has placed a deep burden on my spirit concerning America.  It is something like an electrical charge of great intensity that contains a burden for the future of our nation.  I have walked with the Lord for over 35 years and I have never experienced the weight of what I am sensing now.

At times it seems almost too much to bear, but I know I must be obedient to the Lord to carry this message in my spirit and deliver it as He instructs me.  The Holy Spirit lives inside me and He is the Spirit of all Truth.  I do not ask you to accept what I say at face value.  I ask you to seek the Lord and allow Him to speak to you and to see if the Spirit of God bears witness to what I am saying.  I recognize that by saying that, I open myself to criticism to those whose walk with the Lord, does not allow them mature spiritual discernment.  Unfortunately, that is the position a great deal of the church is in, in America right now.

In addition, I do not write these words out of some sense of delusion about who I am in Christ.  I would emphatically add that all experience and revelation is to be placed under the Word of God.  There are a lot of people running around out there who believe that God has called them to say certain things, but the Spirit of God inside me does not bear witness to their walk or their words.  Many times what they are saying is in direct contradiction to the Word of God.  I have a track record of making reliable statements.  When the Y2K panic was out there, I said it would be a non-event and it was.  At the same time, I wrote and spoke about the World Trade Towers, Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, WMD's, Saddam Hussein, Iraq, terrorist attacks and other subjects before 9 11.

I do not give myself grand titles and I do not equate myself on the level of a Jeremiah, Joel or Ezekiel.  You can debate theologically about whether or not the role of the Watchman in ancient Israel is valid today, especially in the church, which is not Israel.  However, to whatever degree, God has called me in the role of a Watchman.

Finally, I have spent over three decades doing intensive research on numerous subject areas that I write about.  I usually proceed from skepticism and demand legitimate proof from reliable sources.  Having said all that, I would like you to read the article below that was published on January 1, 2013.  Since the publication of that article, I would suggest to you that there is an ever-greater sense of urgency.

I am communicating to you in the most sober terms that I can, that our nation and world is in great danger.  I want to be clear in communicating that I am not referring that this danger is coming from one political leader or another.  It is a danger that transcends political parties and political leaders.  If your mind is focused on the fact that a particular political leader or party is the source of danger or the problem, you are greatly deluded.

The primary cause of the danger we are in is not related to the sin of certain groups of individuals outside of the church.  The Bible very clearly say's, "Judgment begins in the house of the Lord."  A portal, if you will has been opened in the invisible realm or spiritual world that has allowed the potential of unprecedented destruction to come into our nation.  To put it in simplest terms, the energy that opened that portal is directly connected to the church choosing to disobey God's Word in the most fundamental sense. 

Even the most cursory review of the Old Testament teaches us the lesson that there is a great cycle.  Often when God's people enjoy great blessing they turn from the Lord and His Word to follow false gods.  The central issue is that the people of God stop worshipping the true God and start worshipping false gods like Baal and listening to false teachers.  Sexual immorality and other sins, no matter how evil are a result of this idolatrous worship and a deliberate turning from the Word of God.  The reality is that much of the church in America is in truth worshipping the false gods of Baal, perhaps under different names, but it is idolatrous worship.


The political, financial, cultural and media elite gather at the Bohemian Grove to worship the god Molech.   In the Old Testament, the children of Israel began to worship Molech through orgies and offering their children to be burned alive in the white hot metal hands of the statue.  Supposedly, at Bohemian Grove everything is done with dolls.  But, why do the most powerful men in our nation bow down to Molech?  Why does the church in America worship the god of Baal?

The second great reality is that the church has rejected the Word of God for the ideas and philosophies of men.  God and His Word are one.  When the church rejects God's Word, it rejects God.  The church is the Bride of Christ.  When the Bride of Christ follows idols and rejects God's Word, the church is committing spiritual adultery.  In the most literal sense, the church is fornicating with false gods and has become a harlot.  When the church becomes unfaithful to God, the church becomes like the Great Harlot, Babylon.

Much of the church in America is in such great deception, that it cannot even recognize that God has placed as a sign of warning on the countenances of certain Christian leaders, the countenance of a harlot.  Much of the church is following false doctrine and is in rebellion from Jesus Christ.  As such, there is little spiritual discernment to the great danger we are in, as there was no spiritual discernment in Nazi, Germany.

I believe God has given us one last window of opportunity to truly repent and seek His face.  I am not suggesting that God will undo Bible prophecy, but I believe God will hear the truly repentant prayers of His Bride, especially in America and the grace and protection of God will be poured out.  If that happens, there can be hope among the people of God and their children.  However, if the church in America along with much of its leadership continues on its present course, we are about to face things that no one would have believed would ever have been possible in America.

I urge you with all my heart to consider my words.  I am not playing games and I am communicating to you what the Lord has put on my heart to say.  It is difficult for any of us to assume the responsibility or the power to change the church at large.  But, we can start with ruthless self-examination.  Ask yourself these questions:

Am I doing everything I can in terms of repentance and seeking the face of the Lord?

Am I partnering with believers, ministries and a church which fully embraces the significance of this hour and is 100% engaged in its solution?

Have I deceived myself and placed myself in partnership or submission to other believers, ministries and churches which are in reality, rebelling from the call of the Spirit and are playing church?  These churches and believers have an outward form of godliness, but in truth their heart is lukewarm towards the Lord.

Am I willing to be convicted by the Spirit of God and change my direction and allegiances?

Do I fully recognize that the choices I now make before God, will fully affect me, my family, my children, those I care about and my nation?

Am I willing to walk away from the group think and risk rejection to truly pick up my Cross and follow God?

Do I personally recognize that I am fully accountable to God for what may soon happen?  Even though I am saved my grace, I will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and give a full account of my action and non-actions?  Do I understand that at the Judgment Seat of Christ all of my real motives will be exposed and that God will hold me accountable?

The window of opportunity is open before us now, as an act of divine grace.  Now is the time we must make the choices and decisions that we have been avoiding.  I believe that it is the will of God to send mercy on America to whatever degree He chooses.  But, God is Holy and operates within His divine law.  Thus, in order to move He requires true repentance and those that will seek His face.  This is the hour.  Make your decision before a Holy God. 

I do not claim to be holier or better than any other man, apart from the grace of God.  However, when I look at the level of danger and the destruction it will bring, I tremble.  I tremble because as I look upon the Evangelical world, I see complete denial.  I see a pervasive hardness of heart and an almost giddiness of spirit.   I see in the face of a number of leaders who should be guarding the flock from the wolves, a completely false sense of optimism and joy.  They appear through human psychological motivation and occult mind control techniques, that are not rooted in the Word of God to have transcended reality!  But, this is evil in its most pure form.  Imagine having such a countenance as the concentration camps were being formed?   Yet, these false shepherds have seduced the people of God through their psychological trickery.

I must tell you I literally weep over what I see and the deep spiritual deception that is confused for the anointing of the Holy Spirit!   When you repent and return to the Word of the Lord, your spiritual vision will be restored and these things will be plainly evident to you.  But, right now the church in America is the Laodician Church, and because it is lukewarm it is spiritually blind.  Yet, Jesus Christ in His mercy extends the eye salve of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to the American church and promises, even in their sin, to restore their vision if they will turn to Him. 


                     By Paul McGuire

                         January 1, 2013  
The Coming Terror and A Power to Change the World.

The year 2013 is going to bring unprecedented social anarchy, riots, food shortages, more mass shootings, political upheaval, economic crisis and a radical transformation of our nation. As the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer said, about thirty years ago,

"An authoritarian government either from the right or left will rise to manage the chaos."

Most of what we are seeing now fits the precise historical patterns of what happen in places like Nazi Germany, where Adolph Hitler murdered over seven million people in concentration camps. The German Jews, as well as the Christians were in such a state of psychological denial, that they repeatedly said, "It can't happen here." When they walking into the gas chambers, they insisted they were just getting a shower.

What is it that prevents people from seeing the obvious either on a personal level or a national level? There are a number of factors in this psychological process. First, self-deception and cognitive dissonance. A mother cannot bear the thought of her little daughter being molested by her husband, so she pretends not to notice the evidence. Finally she disassociates from the reality. 

On a national level, many times the people, especially the youth, have been deliberately dumbed down through social engineering. They simply do not understand the historical patterns and how they repeat themselves. In addition, through social engineering they have been brainwashed into accepting a system of reality, rather than reality itself.

Finally, the science of mass mind control is used to program the people, through the media, entertainment, legal drugs, pornography, education and entertainment. Aldous Huxley, H.G.Wells and Thomas Pynchon and others wrote about this in their books like, The Shape of Things to Come, Brave New World, and Gravity's Rainbow

The science of mass mind control came from Nimrod and the ancient occult religions of Babylon. They operated both spiritually and scientifically. Today scientific and spiritual mind control are so advanced that the average person does not know that they exist, let alone how advanced they have become. In America today the vast percentage of the population is under scientific mind control, where they have been programmed and live in a trance state.

This is one of the primary reasons that they cannot see the obvious; they have been scientifically brainwashed. In addition to that, they live in denial and cognitive dissonance.
A key element in the science of occult-based mind control (all mind control is occult-based) is trauma-based programming. The mind is controlled through a series of traumatic shocks viewed on television or the Internet, experienced in the sociological environment, or through highly advanced technologies like EMF waves, subliminal programming, silent sound, microchip implants, drugs and mass occult rituals along with occult symbolism.

Recent examples of this would be the Olympic Ceremony in Great Britain, which enacted a Satanic ritual, disguised as entertainment, with blatant Luciferian symbols that go back to Babylon. A large percentage of rock'n'roll concerts and performers perform occult rituals along with mind control. The Illuminati symbolism is blatant if you understand the meaning of the symbols.

Modern rock'n'roll concerts are simply mass occult worship. The ancient occult worship of occult gods like Molech consisted of the use of mind-altering drugs, hypnotic rhythms in the music, and sexual immorality, which were designed to summon their gods or various entities. Everything we just discussed not only programs people through occult-based programming, but acts as a powerful mechanism for mass mind control. Since the fundamental consciousness of people has been altered, they live in hypnotic and trance states, doing what they have been conditioned to do.

In addition, all of this produces spiritual deception through false messiahs and false teachers, which the Apostle Paul warned about when he referred to the Great Delusion and the Apostasy in the last days. According to the Biblical view, the world is quickly heading towards a one world government, a one world economic system, and a one world religion that is headed up by two beasts, the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

It is not an accident that Sir Francis Bacon, a Rosicrucian, planned for America to be the center of a new world order and a "New Atlantis" before America was settled. The Rosicrucian occult movement has its roots in the occult religions of ancient Babylon. The Rosicrucians became the Illuminati and it is the Illuminati who are the Satanic elite who rule the world.

As I have said in numerous articles, the Illuminati pyramid on the back of the U.S. dollar is a template or occult blueprint for what is coming soon. The eagle which is really the occult bird, the Phoenix, is a symbol of the new world order rising from the ashes of chaos. The Illuminati slogan is, "Order Out of Chaos." The rock'n'roll band, Led Zepellin, sang their famous lyrics, 

"Is the new world rising, from the shambles of the old?"

All of the chaos we see in our society is essentially manufactured. It is designed to lead us into the new world order. The dollar is deliberately being devalued in order to bring in a new world currency called the "Phoenix." The occult-based elite hope to do this by 2018.

So the question is after reading this, "What can you do about it?" The person under mind control automatically says, "nothing." But the spirit that God placed in man and the Spirit of God itself says "All things are possible." God knew before the beginning of time about the chaos that is happening now. He downloaded into the human consciousness everything that is needed to overcome the spiritual darkness.

God knew before the beginning of time that you would be here for such a time as this.
That means you came into this world to fulfill a purpose and that purpose is not to be a slave in the occult-pyramid system. In addition you must know that He has given you the opportunity to use His power to overcome evil. When that power is accessed by belief you then become a carrier of an energy force that is more powerful than anything in the Universe.

What is called the First Great Awakening, tapped into that power and transformed America at its birth.

A Third Great Awakening is a release of cosmic energy from another dimension where the Personal God rules. Through belief and turning to Him as the Source, men and women can call down supernatural power from this dimension or invisible realm. In our nation today, it is scientifically possible to release what is called the dunamis, from which we get our word dynamite.

When this all-powerful explosive force is released in the invisible realm, it sends a shockwave of power so strong, that entities called the kosmokratos are overwhelmed. Therefore it is possible to enter 2013, not as a victim, but as a conqueror. The choice is yours.

© 2013 Paul McGuire - All Rights Reserved

That game plan developed in 1939 is being executed now as we see the deliberate devaluing of the dollar and the creation of a new one world currency I describe in my 3-DVD series, Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government? Are You Ready for the Coming One World Economic System? and Are You Ready for the Coming One World Religion? 

The result was that I began to experience what I can only describe as a divine download of information, framed clearly by the Word of God. In addition, I felt compelled to write this down in a book I am now finishing entitled The Future of America in Prophecy, which issues both a warning and solution. In the final analysis, despite the tremendous dangers, I believe there is still a window of hope.

                                 #   #   #

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Friday, April 26, 2013



"This is a great article showing how deep the Muslim Brotherhood’s tentacles are in the American government. No wonder Obama GAVE all those advanced weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt! I am sure that the Israelis know this and how can they trust Obama? 

The entire world seems to be lies, deceit and blindness!
The deception is all around us, and we need God’s guidance to discern what is real and truth. It seems that all the governments throughout the world just lie. One of the most serious was Japan lying to its people and the world about the radiation pouring out of the Fukushima power plant." -John McTernan

Wednesday, April 24, 2013



"As you watch your freedoms and liberties fall to the wayside like the chaff on the summer threshing floor, just remember one thing…
This is what you asked for." 


Children today receive more than 12 times as many vaccine doses than in 1940

Children today receive more than 12 times as many vaccine doses than in 1940


The worst thing about the Gosnell trial: the public’s total apathy |

The worst thing about the Gosnell trial: the public’s total apathy |

Cancer Prevention: Top 10 Tips

Cancer Prevention: Top 10 Tips

Plastic Compounds in Tea Bags: Source of Potential Toxins

Plastic Compounds in Tea Bags: Source of Potential Toxins


Pay attention, because this is now precedent. Under the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, anyone deemed to be acting in a manner that seeks to subvert the laws of the United States can be declared a terrorist. So, the next time a criminal is on the loose in your town, you, too, may end up getting the same treatment as the peaceful residents of Boston. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


"Don't be selfish; don't live to make a good impression on others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself. Don't just think about your own affairs, but be interested in others too and in what they are doing." - Phillipians 2: 3-4

I'm always amazed how I can read a simple paragraph in the Bible and be inspired to write about it. The paragraph above is loaded with challenges. That's why it jumped out at me as I read Phillipians this morning. I asked myself if I'm doing what Paul says we should do. 

Don't be selfish 
Who can say that they've never been selfish? Not me. 
Don't live to make a good impression on others 
We live in a culture that praises a perfect performance. Wealth is idolized. Beauty is praised. Success is admired. Material things are sought after and envied. Pressure is placed on everyone to be busy at something worthwhile. "What do you do?" is the first question they want to know about you.  

So we fall into the trap of connecting our self worth to what we do and the things we have. I'm guilty too. But I know that what I do is not what determines my value. I know that I'm not worth more if I own impressive things that people admire. 

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who takes every opportunity to talk about their work. After a while it almost sounds like bragging as they go on and on about their latest work project and all that they've accomplished since you last saw them. That type of person makes me uncomfortable and I so want to tell them to relax. I want to tell them to stop trying so hard to impress others with their work

When we stand before God he isn't going to compliment us on how great we were at our jobs. He won't be impressed by our financial success. We'll get no rewards for being clever at business, no praise for pulling off that beneficial trade or that profitable deal. 

God is not impressed by our work for financial gain. He's impressed by the work of our hearts, the love we show to others and the things we do to help others. Those who are rapped up in their jobs often don't have time to think of helping others. So the work that they're doing is only for this world and they'll receive no rewards for it in Heaven. 

We really should focus more on doing work that impresses God, not people We should invest our time in work that will be praised in Heaven because that's our eternal home. In case you haven't noticed, we are all aging and life on earth is passing by quickly. It makes more sense to invest in eternity than it does to get caught up in the temporary hoopla of earthly success.

Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself
It's not our nature to think of others as better than ourselves. Humility is a difficult attribute to maintain. Most of us enjoy being in the spotlight. How often are we willing to step aside so someone else can shine? How often do we consider their feelings and sacrifice our own? 

Jesus gave us the ultimate example of sacrificial love. He wasn't all about himself. He didn't try to draw attention to himself. He was humble but truthful. And he was willing to suffer for someone else's gain. That's a lot to live up to, but that's what Paul is telling us in Phillipians. Our lives shouldn't be about outdoing one another. We should be looking for opportunities to serve others and to promote their talents and abilities.  

Don't just think about your own affairs, but be interested in others too and in what they are doing
 Do you take the time to ask what's new in your friend's life or is the conversation all about your own experiences?  People who focus on themselves tend to dominate the conversation as those around them become only listeners. Paul is telling us to take an interest in the lives of others and be interested in what they are doing. 

I'm guilty of this one. I don't spend much time on Facebook commenting on what other people are posting. But if I see you in person, I will ask about your life and try to encourage you. I don't want our chat to focus only on me and my goal as a writer is not to be the center of attention. I'm simply using the talent God gave me to encourage others and lead them to a more abundant life through Christ and living out God's word.

It's a lot of work to live up to God's word. To always be considering others takes a real effort when our nature is to focus on ourselves. The temptation to impress others is hard to resist. And the habit of always talking about ourselves is hard to break. 

We almost have to reprogram our minds to take an interest in what others are doing. We have to pause and let someone else talk. Let someone else step into the spotlight and we become the audience. Then we have an opportunity to encourage, to praise, to applaud and compliment, to notice the good in others. That should be what mostly comes out of our mouths...good things about others. Now there's a challenge for you and for me. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

America: #1 In Fear, Stress, Anger, Divorce, Obesity, Anti-Depressants, Etc.

We are having an increasingly difficult time relating to one another, and many of us drown our sorrows in our addictions.  We are addicted to pills, to alcohol, to food, to entertainment, to sex, to gambling, to shopping and to anything else that will make us feel good and forget about our problems for a while.

America: #1 In Fear, Stress, Anger, Divorce, Obesity, Anti-Depressants, Etc.


Boston Lockdown
By Daniel Valles, Posted to Editor's Blog: 04/19/2013
There is a lot that is fishy about this whole story. I suspect this lockdown of Boston is a test of martial law and curfews within a large city to see how the populace will react, and for acclimation.


If Christians do not live according to the word, then they are subject to the same fears as the world......
Deuteronomy 28: 20    The Lord shall send upon you cursing, vexation (confusion), and rebuke, in all that you set thine hand to do, ..... because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby you have forsaken me... 
Deuteronomy 18: 10    There will not be found among you any one that makes his son or daughter to pass (be offered to a idol) through the fire,  or that uses divination,  or an observer of times  or an enchanter or a witch ( to use magic brews for magical purposes, mind altering effects, pharmacy {GK  pharmaka}  or drugs ), .......

God called you for such a time as this before the foundation of the world!  God did not call you or the true church to be filled with fear and unbelief.  "For God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of power love and a sound mind."



"As long as Christians say nothing, this attack on our faith is only going to get worse." - Hal Lindsey



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I wrote this after a long winter and a bad case of cabin fever. But I'm not removing it, because all couples have their arguments. Maybe it will inspire someone to cherish the people in their lives more than the things - Danelle

A few days ago, my husband and I had an argument about dishes. "I can't believe we are still arguing about dishes after all these years," I said. He's a bit of a neat freak. He gets upset when I don't keep up with things. If there are dishes in the sink, he'll start stacking them in the dishwasher thinking that he's helping. The problem is that he often stacks dirty dishes in with the clean dishes that haven't been put away yet. So I have to run the same dishes through a second cycle.

"Well why don't you empty the dishes after they're clean," he quipped.  

"Because I turned on the dishwasher and went to bed last night. I didn't get to them yet," I sassed back. 

Nothing kills the love in a relationship faster than constant expectations, nagging and lectures.  He's retired, so I often say to him, "Clean it yourself if it bothers you, you have time."  

I believe that one day he'll deeply regret all the fussing he did about a clean house and he'll wish that he would have been able to relax and just love his family. Not that he doesn't love us, but my daughter and I both feel like he puts a clean house above our feelings at times. If I'm tired or if she's not feeling well, there's no compassion. "Get her done, no matter what" is his mindset.

I was chatting with a friend who complained of the same thing. "We've had more arguments about dishes than anything else over the years," she said. Then she told me about an especially busy day when she let the dishes go after dinner, and sure enough her husband made a comment. "Why don't you get those dishes out of the way," he asked. "Because I'm exhausted," she said.

We agreed that the pressure to keep a perfectly clean house was not conducive to a loving relationship. I don't want  to be close to someone who constantly sees me as inadequate or lazy. She agreed that her husband's high expectations make him a difficult man to love. My friend and I aren't sloppy. We just don't feel the need to have everything in perfect order every minute of the day. There's more to life than a clean house.

So I was especially touched when I read this post about a husband who took the pressure off his wife and told her that she only needed to complete three important tasks a day. What a thoughtful guy. I bet he gets lots of love and admiration from his gal. He learned that people are more important than dishes and dust..

The Death of Innocence and Pretty

The Death of Innocence and Pretty

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store


A news report that stunned the world nine years ago about the discovery of possible ancient chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea is suddenly gaining fresh attention with new video claiming “irrefutable evidence” that corroborates the find. In June 2003, WND interviewed Bible enthusiasts who dove the waters of the Red Sea, alleging they found and photographed parts of chariots that may be the actual remains of the catastrophe brought upon the Egyptian army which pursued the Israelites, according to the Book of Exodus in the Bible.


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Five ways to protect yourself from deadly antibiotic-resistant bugs

Five ways to protect yourself from deadly antibiotic-resistant bugs



"Many deny that there is an affirmative war against Christianity and Judeo-Christian values...Let me share just three disturbing stories that caught my attention the past few days."
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This video explains very plainly what happened in Cyprus and how it could create a domino effect that will eventually be felt in America. Hal explains our money system and helps us understand the Federal Reserve. This is a great video, very informative.

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All Over America Evangelical Christians Are Being Labeled As “Extremists” And “Hate Groups”

All Over America Evangelical Christians Are Being Labeled As “Extremists” And “Hate Groups”


Someone must be reading this blog despite its often grim headlines.My weekly pageviews have doubled in the past few months. I don't say that to brag, I believe that people are curious about what's happening in the world and how it relates to biblical predictions. 

My husband and I were talking today about how tired we are of sharing these things and warning people about what's headed our way when nothing seems to change. I totally understand why people would see me as the boy who cried wolf. Where's the wolf?

Yet when I really think about it, a lot has changed in our world, even in the past six years. I never paid four dollars for a jar of mayonnaise until this year. Every time I go to the grocery store, the prices keep creeping up. How high will they go?

And when was the last time a 10,000 ton meteor struck earth as it did in Russia? In the days following that event, meteor sightings were reported in Somerset England, Southern Florida and San Francisco. Is another impact like the one in Russia possible elsewhere in the world? 

 Why are huge flocks of birds falling dead from the sky? Why are fish and other ocean creatures dying and washing to shore in record numbers? Why are honey bees dying? What are all these mysterious sounds that are being reported all over the world? What's really behind the sudden push for gun control since Sandy Hook?

 Our health care is now controlled by the government. Who really thinks that's a good thing? We didn't have 7,500 unmanned drones in the skies six years ago capable of executing people. Our government is sending flying robots into other countries to kill people. This is the same government that is now managing our health care. That concerns me. 

And anyone who's not concerned about the economy is delusional. There is simply no way out of the amount of debt we've accumulated. When someone says the economy is recovering, I shake my head and wonder how they could possibly believe that. We can't recover from debt when our government is making no effort to cut spending and get out of debt. The debt keeps rising, and we keep sinking. The Fed keeps printing money and prices keep rising. Where will this magical recovery come from that people fantacize about?  

Then we have all the threats of war that have escalated to the point  of insanity. I can't keep track of who is threatening who. To be honest, I'm tired of keeping track of the news. I can see why people stick their heads in the sand and don't want to hear about it. I'm pretty sick of it myself. 

But God told us in the bible to watch and be ready. We aren't supposed to be caught off guard. He gave us signs to look for that would preceed the coming of Christ (Matthew 24: 3-13 and Luke 21: 25-28).  All of these signs are taking place right now.

Also, Luke 21 verse 34 tells us to "take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with...cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come upon all them that dwell upon the earth. Watch ye therefore and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass."

 My husband and I both believe that we're called to be a watchman for the times we live in. We wouldn't have such an urgent need to keep track of news and share it with others unless God put that desire there. Because it really is a thankless job. We're not getting paid and we've both received much criticism. Who would continue doing something so mocked and thankless unless it was inspired by God?   

So I guess I'll keep plugging away here on this blog. Noah spent years building the ark, but one day the flood came. And many people were left unaware. I don't know if anyone warned them, but if they were warned, no one took the warnings seriously. And they all were swept away by the rains. I'm sure that every one of them wished they hadn't laughed at Noah. As the flood waters grew higher, they must have had some deep regrets..."If only I had listened. I should have been prepared."