This blog started as a place to chat from a Christian perspective about a variety of topics. Today it is mainly a natural health blog, but I will share other topics worth mentioning. The older I get, the more I want to simplify, and I have a passion for sharing the thoughtfulness of our creator.

God created oils from plants that have potent medicinal properties. Many of us ignore these natural gifts and reach for man-made remedies. I'm on a mission to honor the physical, emotional and spiritual healing that's possible through the power of nature.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I spent the day creating a quiet place in my home where I can go to read, pray, write and escape. The room has a lock on the door. That was a must. I also dug through boxes under my bed and in the basement for items of beauty, inspiration and encouragement. I came across a poem my mother wrote to me when I graduated from high school. It now sits on a shelf in my quiet room along with other tokens of inspiration I found and dusted: my honor society certificate from college, my first and only published article, my art ribbons, and a Mary Engelbreit print that says, "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

People underestimate the importance of having a place to escape from the pressures and noise of the outside world. We should make time every day for complete solitude and silence. It doesn't matter if it's morning, afternoon or evening, whatever time gives you the best chance of enjoying complete silence. When life's pressures begin to close in on us, quiet solitude is what we need most. It's a chance to clear our heads and connect with God, our source of strength and renewal.

What I'm hoping to add to my quiet room is a tabletop fountain. I love the sound of water trickling over rocks. I don't know why that sound is so soothing, but it relaxes me. It reminds me of camping as a young girl when we parked our camper near a mountain stream and I'd fall asleep to that hypnotizing sound. The sound of the ocean has the same relaxing effect. Some people like the songs of morning birds or the late day chorus of crickets. You can actually buy whatever sounds you find relaxing. I have a CD called Sailboat Journey. You can hear the wind pulling the sails, the sound of seagulls, and the water lapping against the boat. It's great to listen to while lying in the sun.

If we're creative, we don't have to spend a cent on gas or even leave home to escape the stress of today's world. All we need is a quiet place that's inviting and relaxing. Then turn that room into an oasis for your senses. Fill it with plants and flowers. Hang beautiful photos or artwork on the wall. Dust off your accomplishments and display them for inspiration. Anything that makes you feel encouraged or appreciated shouldn't be stuck away in a box. Drape the room with fragrances that relax you, like lavendar and bergamot. Bring relaxing sounds into the room like a fountain or sounds of nature on CD's.

You'll be amazed at what a quiet room can do for your state of mind. It's like a mini-vacation you can take every day. Your mind has a chance to rest. Your patience is renewed. Your spirit is restored. God finally has a chance to speak to you and you're finally able to hear him. It's such a simple thing to do. But the treasures in silence are often ignored. Don't let another day go by without your daily silence. A quiet escape might be what you need most.

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