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Thursday, July 8, 2010


This past Fourth of July, I felt no reason to celebrate. Why celebrate Independence Day when our country is quickly moving toward socialism? The government controls all means of production and distribution in a socialist society. It can control our health care, insurance companies and food distribution. Currently the government holds various ownership stakes in over 500 private companies and several major banks. In a socialist society, the government can take anything it wants, including our freedoms.

Our religious freedom is already being squashed. Last year a pastor was questioned by San Diego County officials and threatened with fines over a bible study held in his home in Bonita, California. This year World Net Daily reported that police officers arrested four Christian missionaries as they exercised their right to free speech at an Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan. The officers were apparently enforcing Islamic Law. A court in Wisconsin recently ruled in favor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group that's trying to eliminate the National Day of Prayer. Eliminating Christianity altogether can't be far behind, especially when our president has already declared that "we are no longer a Christian nation."

Our freedom of speech is also in question. Both the Hate Crimes Bill and the Homeland Security Bill contain ideas that could end our right to speak freely. Pro-Life supporters have already been labeled as "extremists." And with the Hate Crimes Act, Christians are one step closer to being arrested for saying, "Jesus is the only way." The latest attempt to squash our freedom of speech came on June 25, when the cybersecurity bill was approved by the Homeland Security Committee. It will give the president authority over the Internet. That bill will soon head to the Senate for a vote.

Why would Obama want to control the internet? Because that is where the truth is being told. You don't get the whole truth on most televised news because the managers of those broadcasts allow only news that fits their own world views.  Soon our president may be free to shut down any part of the Internet he chooses. And thanks to President Bush and his martial law legislation, Obama can also take total control of the government and country. He can have total dictatorial power. All he needs is one good catastrophic event to declare martial law. In C-SPAN videos posted on You Tube, California Representative Brad Sherman states that in private conversations, members of Congress were told there would be martial law in America if they refused to pass the bailout bill. Martial Law is a euphemism for military dictatorship and apparently it has already been threatened upon our citizens.

Does this sound like the America you know and love? The United States now fits the description of a police state, where the leader has his own treasury and his own army on the streets. (Check out America Is A Police State at World Net Daily). The bailout bill gave the president 100 billion dollars in discretionary spending, without oversight, and for the first time in 100 years an active duty military unit, NorthCom, is permanently assigned inside the US. (Check out Salon Radio: ACLU on the US Army's domestic deployment by Glenn Greenwald) This unit may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control, using weapons like tasers and rubber bullets. Our military can now be deployed against our own citizens.

Our national debt has reached over 13 trillion dollars (Check out We are no longer a producer nation. We buy more from other countries than we produce. There's no way our children will enjoy the lifestyle that we've had because a large part of their incomes will be taken from them in taxes. Just finding a job could be their greatest challenge. In March 2009, The Center For Economic and Policy Research suggested that the unemployment rate is the highest recorded since the Great Depression.

All this doesn't sound like reasons to celebrate. It sounds more like reasons to fall on our knees and pray.

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