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Friday, September 3, 2010


Some people are never satisfied.  No matter how much you do for them, they're always waiting with a list of more things they want.  I have a saying in my home: "Push for more, get nothing."  If there's one thing that gets my blood boiling it's people who can't be happy with what they're given.  They're always pushing for more and forever complaining about what they don't have.  It's like giving a gift and then having the recipient look at you and say, "But where's that other thing that goes with it?"  They can't focus on the gift itself.  All they see is the item that wasn't included.

People are too caught up in the world.  That's the problem.  We crave all the latest toys: laptops, i-pods, MP3's, cell phones, DVD players, video games.  Every month brings a new must-have obsession.  We take our kids school shopping and think we're finished buying clothes for a while.  Then when all the girls at school start wearing a certain style shirt, we have to run back to the mall and get more clothes.  Its ridiculous!  Why so much pressure to dress a certain way?  I wore the clothes I was given and never complained.  Today's young girls behave as if they'll die without stylish clothes.  Why do we need all this stuff?!  Why can't we just be happy with what we have?  Mothers are tired of running everywhere to please kids who have a bad case of  I-need-itis.

I think God is also tired of the way we put so much energy into having things and little or no energy into having a relationship with Him.  Maybe that's what this bad economy is all about.  Maybe we all deserve to be dirt poor so we get our priorities straight for once.  The day is quickly coming when all the things we think we need so much are going to turn to dust.  All we'll have left is our relationships.  And then we can sit and regret what little effort we put into those relationships.  Husbands and wives who put more effort into their jobs than their marriages will wish for a do-over.  They'll wish they hadn't ignored their spouses pleads for more time, more attention and more affection.  They'll wish they had paid more attention to their kids.

I think God is also crying for our attention right now.  But we don't hear Him.  We're too busy running around for all the latest and greatest toys and gadgets.  We're too busy fussing about the things other people have that we don't have.  We're too into ourselves and how we look to others.  We're too in love with this world to give God the time of day. Life isn't about things, it's about people.  That's what we should be investing in.  Relationships are the only things we'll take with us from earth to Heaven.  The fancy car in the garage isn't going.  The new dress isn't going.  The laptop won't be there either.  We need to get our priorIites straight.  Because if we don't, God will do it for us.

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