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Monday, May 4, 2015


Why is our economy such a mess? 

In his new book, which I'm reading now, Paul McGuire answers that question....

"Our entire banking, financial, loaning money for interest system is radically against the principles of God's Word and hundreds of millions of people are in economic slavery due to it...

Powerful international bankers control the American economic system through what is called the Federal Reserve. Through our banking system, they control and enslave the American people. This cartel of international banking families took control of our economic system through the Federal Reserve Act of 1917.

Ever since that time, the printing of money, interest rates, recessions, inflation, depressions, economic growth, poverty and things like Quantitative Easing (printing money) are totally controlled by independent banking families who are not accountable to the American people or its government."  -Paul McGuire

Mass Awakening could be the most important, most eye-opening book you've ever read" -Danelle

"When Jesus Christ said, 'You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free' he meant economic truth as well as spiritual truth" -Paul McGuire


By Paul McGuire

"MASS AWAKENING" is Paul McGuire’s brand new book that came out in March of 2015. In “MASS AWAKENING,” Paul reveals what will happen to mankind on a global level as it encounters a coming event that will radically change life as we know it on Planet Earth. This event will be precipitated by a series of catastrophic events that will cause chaos in every nation on earth. The coming chaos will be centered around a global thermonuclear war triggered by events in Russia, Ukraine, EU, NATO, U.S., Iran, Iraq, Syria and Israel. 

Millions of people will die from radioactive fallout, food shortages, war, social unrest, riots and nuclear weapons triggered inside the U.S. and other nations by terrorist groups. In the ensuing chaos the dollar will be devalued and replaced by an electronic world currency consisting of a microchip implant connected to a giant supercomputer using both “Super Artificial Intelligence”, and a computer brain interface. In the midst of the chaos the rise of a one world government, one world economic system, and a one world religion will take form.