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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hello bloggers... Happy 2011

I messed up the kitchen this morning with some homemade pancakes that were so much better than the boxed stuff, I vowed never to use pancake mix from a box again. (My only New Year's resolution so far).  My husband said that with butter and powdered sugar on top, they taste just like the funnel cakes we love at the fairs and carnivals.  My daughter prefers hers with chocolate chips melted on top.  Sprinkle choc.chips on pancakes straight off the griddle then cover with a lid or plate until the chips melt. There are so many yummy  things you can put on pancakes.  My absolute favorite way to eat them is with fresh strawberry sauce on top and a big pile of whipped cream.  Hurry up summer!

Today I discovered a recipe blog that might be the best one I've come across so far.  Raspberry bread pudding?  That has to be heavenly.  And Grandma's Banana pudding can't be far behind.  My eyes were wide and my mouth was watering looking over this site.  The photos are delicious.  This blog speaks for itself, so I'll say no more. Check it out and be inspired to create something in the kitchen.

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