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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Who hasn't felt like running away? After three and a half months of cold weather and being stuck inside with little sunshine on our faces, running away sounds tempting. Lysa TerKeurst offers encouragement for those who are going through a difficult season in life. She reminds us that the darkness won't last forever. No matter what you're going through, there will be a season of relief, a season of joy, a time to laugh, smile and celebrate again.. That's why we have to hang on a little longer.  

Running away never solves anything because you simply take all your problems to a different location. We have to stay where we are and dwell on the promise of Spring. Our circumstances will change. Things will get better. The cold will turn to warmth. The darkness will surrender to uplifting light and color. Like a rainbow after the storm, God promises to carry us through the darkness and into a brighter day. God always keeps his promises. So don't run... stay, wait, pray and have faith.

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